Dead Objects

iPhone 5S Screen
Garage Remote
Vans White Sneakers
HP USB Flash Drive
Signage Character
Koss Porta Pro Headphones
Claudia Magazine
Zipper Slider
Tactile Tile #1
Paper Fastener
USB Mini Fan
Pelican Eraser
Wood Block Toy
Bycicle Air Chamber
Hamburger Phone
Havaiana Sandals
School of Design ID
T-Mobile SIM Chip
Empire State Building Slide
Chase Bank Debit Card
Pac-Man Phone
Oral-B Toothbrush
The New School ID
Oi SIM Chip
Scrub Sponge
Motorola MotoGO EX430
Quay Australia Sunglasses
iPod USB Cable
Siemens & Halske 16mm Camera
Brazilian Passport
iPhone USB Cable
Toy Car Lighter
Electrical Resistance
Portuguese Coin
Compact Video Cassette Tape
Game Boy Color
Sony 8mm Video Cassette
iPod Dock
Sonic Adventure
Mini CD-R
Mobile Phone Lighter
Counterfeit Sony Walkman
Computer RAM
Game Boy Color Game
Mitsuca DC8388BR Digital Camera
eFilm Picture PAD
Door Lock
Sony MC60 Microcassette Tape
Bunny Slipper
Sony Discman
Silver Pocket Watch
Casio Wristwatch
Car Alarm Remote
Sony Walkman FX12
Apple Wristwatch
Siemens A50 Mobile Phone
Van Gogh Key Ring
Sticker Album
Micro SD Card
Telephone Cable
Power Plug
Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic
Super 8 Film Reel Case
Metrotone Film Reel Box
Sony VHSC Tape
Sega Dreamcast
American Airlines Passenger Ticket
Electronic Metropolitan Card
General Electric Red Floodlight
Film Developing Tank
Europa Clock
Coca-Cola Bottle
Sankyo Telephone Music Box
Film Reel
AGFA Magnetonband
Aviator Goggles
Rio Public Transport Card
iPhone Firewire Charger
New York City Metrocard
Asus P4V8X-MX Motherboard
German Stamp
Frying Pan
Wooden Ruler
Tactile Tile #2
Perfume Bottle
ID Picture Holder
Light Bulb
Floppy Disk
Wood Type Ampersand